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starryraindrops Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[3:26:48 AM] puppybaek [starry]: pets kris' eyebrow and praises it
WHO'S A GOOD EYEBROW?????????? YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[3:26:53 AM] puppybaek [starry]: i'm dying
[3:26:57 AM] sninna: LOOOOL WTFFF
starryraindrops Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[6:06:30 PM] sninna: mew names her kid dubstep
[6:06:36 PM] puppybaek [starry]: MEEEEEEEEE
[6:07:13 PM] puppybaek [starry]: no i'll name it nightcore dubstep electro progressive house terrorcore extratone future bass kpop
[6:07:37 PM] sninna: :]
[6:07:37 PM] puppybaek [starry]: last name exo
[6:07:39 PM] sninna: yeha
[6:07:50 PM] sninna: what would u shorten its name to
[6:07:53 PM] puppybaek [starry]: middle name ebola
[6:07:55 PM] puppybaek [starry]: um.......
[6:08:02 PM] sninna: tHAT MADE ME ALUGH
[6:08:13 PM] puppybaek [starry]: N.D.E.P.H.T.E.F.B.K.P
[6:08:18 PM] sninna: nice
[6:08:23 PM] puppybaek [starry]: rite rite??
[6:08:26 PM] sninna: never says ur kids name ever
starryraindrops Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[2:31:22 AM] puppybaek [starry]: aucci bucci cucci ducci eucci fucci GUCCI!!!!!!! HUCCI iucci jucci kucci lucci mucci nucci oucci pucci qucci rucci succi tucci uucci vucci wucci xucci yucci zucci
[2:31:57 AM] cinna: the alphabet :']
[2:32:02 AM] puppybaek [starry]: the REAL alphabet
[2:32:09 AM] cinna: ^^^^
[2:32:11 AM] puppybaek [starry]: Obama lied to us all along
[2:32:49 AM] puppybaek [starry]: he didn't want non political people to know about the guccibet
[2:33:05 AM] cinna: ikr :/
DawnOfTheTigress Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pearl Emote 20 
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